Devon Wedding Photography - Kilts & Heels - Dancing

Kilts & Heels – Zoe & Charlie’s Devon Wedding Day

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I often get asked why I do Wedding Photography or even why I live in remote Devon..

Quite simply, if this video of Zoe & Charlie’s Wedding day doesn’t answer those questions then I’m stumped how to explain it. Such a beautiful and fun loving couple on their most perfect day (so far!) with glorious sunny skies and Devon views to die for..


Why get an engagement shoot?

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How many people do you know that hate being in front of the camera? Are you one of them? (and if you are a photographer.. shame on you! you should never ask someone to do something you are not willing to do yourself) Can you imagine how tough it would be feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera with a …

Jumping for Joy

Zoe & Charlie hit the beach e-shoot

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[pb_lay_raw] Wow! what a busy and glorious Summer.. so much so that I got a little delayed in posting to the blog. [/pb_lay_raw][pb_lay_raw] To make up for that, here is a slice of Summer in the form of Zoe & Charlie’s e-shoot, near Bigbury, Devon. Subscribe for the latest offers & news be first to find out about special offers …


Tango on the lawn – Tamsin & Jonathan’s Engagement Shoot

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One of the things I adore about a couple shoot like this is that it allows time to get to know each other and surprises nearly always occur.. While I was changing lenses, Jonathan and Tamsin decided to engage in a passion of theirs… Tango!
Talk about romance, perfect posture and an amazing photo opportunity! This was not a planned part of the shoot but there was no way I was going to miss this moment…

Giant Tandem Teepee

Wedding in a Teepee

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Quite simply, when my friend and fellow photographer, Claire Sloane, asked if wanted to help her shoot a Teepee Wedding.. I was at first confused, intrigued and then very very keen. When it comes to unusual weddings, I get all excited.. I love it when a couple put their own stamp on their special day. Emma and Paul certainly did that.. …